February 2018
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“Steve Berlack is the rare speaker that is informative, entertaining, and able to stir his audience to action. It is no surprise that BET, Disney, and KingWorld have all used him in the past and now you can too!”
- J. Sparks, Director, Capital Markets
“WOW! One of the best discipline trainings I’ve ever been to! (I learned) that we must move as one. Husbands and wives do it in raising their children, and so must we. Thanks Mr. Berlack!”
- Anonymous Workshop Participant

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The Berlack Method


The Berlack Method Life Skills Training Module is a solution-based, dynamic and highly interactive workshop series that arms its audiences with the tools necessary to positively impact their bottom line. The Berlack Method’s inherent flexibility allows for powerful and varied impact: including staff training (adults), manhood training for young men, etc. Whether participant challenges are faced on a company, community, family or on an individual level, The Berlack Method moves them from challenged to empowered, using humor and moments of intense introspection.


  • Look within to discover how their The Berlack Method - Broadcast Your Inner Championmental approach and discipline determine their success.
  • Learn how connecting to their past prepares them for the future.
  • Examine the spiritual nature of their interpersonal connections and how it impacts family, friends, co-workers, and more.
  • Find out how to negotiate all relationships, professional or personal, by clearly identifying what roles they play, and in what situations they play them.
  • Have fun while learning valuable lessons in achieving group goals through collaborative effort.


* Life Skills Training Workshop/Webinar Titles

* Self – Awareness

* Attitude & Success

* Faith

* Cultural Connection

* Spiritual Connection &   Responsibility

* Achieving with Others

* Relationship Building

* Parenting

* Leadership Development

* Community Impact

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