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  • Our Common Language

      Anyone who follows this blog, or who has seen my workshops, knows that the prevalent theme of The Berlack Method is the idea that we are all connected.  That connection takes on many forms and manifests in many different ways, which provides a lot of material to talk about.  […]

  • Some Of Us Just Don’t Get It

      Since I’ve been an adult, I’ve been conscious of the idea that a government can’t legislate the hearts of its people.  Never has that been more clear than with the recent actions of the Alabama Senate. One hundred and fifty years after the start of The Civil War, and […]

  • The Power of Music on Attitude

      For as long as I can remember, music has had the power to directly influence my mood.  At first, I noticed that if I couldn’t understand why I was feeling a certain way, there was often music in the background that I may not have been conscious of that […]

  • Fire Ants Can Give A Workshop On Teamwork

      I often remark to my workshop participants how amazing it is where we can find life lessons, and who we can learn them from.  Not only can we learn from doctoral-level educators at Ivy League schools, we can learn from people in any walk of life and with little […]

  • Precious Life

      One of the signature workshops of The Berlack Method life skills training series is entitled The Tapestry.  In it, I describe the intricate and infinitely complicated physical and spiritual connections that we all share.  It is, if I do say so myself (but you don’t have to take my […]