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  • Noise

    This is for anyone who’s ever made a decision…and then heard nothing but NOISE. I am here to tell you that if you ever stand firm in your convictions, if you ever make a decision based on your morals, standards and faith…then noise is exactly what you’ll hear. The bad […]

  • Under My Hoodie

      Under my hoodie lies the mind of a man that has absorbed knowledge and self-awareness like a sponge…. I have read and listened in school about who I am.  I also learned about who my heroes are, and what my enemies look like.    I learned that a man […]

  • When You Don’t Know Who You Are, Others Will Tell You

      The story of 19-year-old University of South Carolina – Beaufort student Byron Thomas has gone viral in the last few days.  The reason why he’s garnered so much attention (in print media, broadcast news and the internet) is because he is determined to hang a Confederate flag from his […]

  • None So Blind

      “Who are you?” What seems to be, on its surface, a simple question, is in reality stunningly complex.  The more one thinks about the question, the more one truly understands its meaning, and the more one understands the information it tries to bring out of the respondent, the more […]