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  • Music of the Morning

      My head, buried in the pillow Has one ear turned upwards Towards the window…   It’s way too early… My eyes are tired and heavy, And are shut tightly against The early rays streaming Through the window; Crashing against my slumber That is guarded by the softness of my […]

  • The Power of Music on Attitude

      For as long as I can remember, music has had the power to directly influence my mood.  At first, I noticed that if I couldn’t understand why I was feeling a certain way, there was often music in the background that I may not have been conscious of that […]

  • The Diaspora

      I just read a very interesting essay entitled: “Why it is Necessary that all Afro-Descendants of Latin America, the Caribbean and North America Know Each Other More.”  I found this essay on the Black in Latin America website. See the full essay here. The author, Tomás Fernández Robaina, is […]