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  • The Love-Pain

      Our emanating lines, born from the very essence of our minds, our hearts, our souls; lied apart. And there was pain.  For it is the very nature of our lines to link. Our lines linked for reasons we think we understand.  (But of course we don’t).  Yet because you […]

  • We Can All Learn From Baby

      Over the last couple of days, there has been a great debate raging in The Berlack Method Group on Facebook.  The topic that has everyone in a tizzy is interracial dating.  As of this writing, there have been over two hundred posts to the thread.  Because of the nature […]

  • Student Drivers

      While on my way to a meeting this morning, I happened to fall in line behind a very slow-moving car on a narrow street.  It took a moment, but I finally realized why the car was going so slowly.  On the rear bumper was a large sign we’ve all […]