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  • What Happens When We Die?

    What happens when we die? This is a question that man has asked from the beginning of time. The fact is, of course, that there is nothing we can prove about the afterlife. However, one need only peruse the internet, watch television, or know of someone who has had a […]

  • Our Connection Is But A Whisper

    I recently had the pleasure of interacting with members of a particular religious sect on the streets of Baltimore.  They were resplendent in their traditional gear, and were presenting a powerful presence through their microphone and speakers.  They were preaching the Word.  I had not seen them in Baltimore before, […]

  • 100th Post

    I wanted to take a moment to commemorate the 100th post of Champions’ Blog. I find that this is a moment to sit back and reflect on everything that’s led to the creation and development of this vehicle by which I’ve shared so many personal thoughts with you. For one […]

  • Look-A-Likes

      When we are young (“and dumb,” as my Drill Sergeant used to say), the biggest obstacle to our finding love is ourselves.  We fly recklessly from one encounter and from conquest to another.  At best, we have fun and explore; at worst we hurt each other irreparably as we […]

  • Music of the Morning

      My head, buried in the pillow Has one ear turned upwards Towards the window…   It’s way too early… My eyes are tired and heavy, And are shut tightly against The early rays streaming Through the window; Crashing against my slumber That is guarded by the softness of my […]

  • Who Am I That I May Touch Your Soul?

      I am, by pure definition, a bastard.  I am the son of an unwed mother in the South Bronx, whose father was killed in Vietnam when I was seven months old.  I grew up in both hard-scrabble, burned-out neighborhoods, replete with gangs, and in peaceful areas with working-class folks […]

  • G.R.O.W.

      Sometimes, life just goes haywire.  At the most unexpected moment.  And at the worst possible time.  You may be moving along just fine along your Planned Path in life.  You may even be going through life’s normal struggles.  You know, when things happen in your life that you’re not […]

  • God’s At Every Turn

      Walking in faith is difficult. For one thing, living a faithful life means sometimes making decisions that, from the perspective of others, seem very strange.  For instance, as Executive Director of a job training program, I would never advise a client to give up a job and steady income […]

  • Student Drivers

      While on my way to a meeting this morning, I happened to fall in line behind a very slow-moving car on a narrow street.  It took a moment, but I finally realized why the car was going so slowly.  On the rear bumper was a large sign we’ve all […]