What If God Dismissed Us The Same Way That We Dismiss Each Other?


I just engaged in a fantastic discussion on one of my social networking sites.  The question was posed about dating outside one’s race.  This is a complex and highly emotional topic, to  be sure.  The intensity of the debate as to whether or not we should date someone who does not look like us is a direct reflection of the wrongs we’ve perpetrated upon each other.  These wrongs have led to hatred, racism, sexism and xenophobia that have divided and conquered us as a human family since time began.

As the debate raged on, I realized that we were making our points on two different levels.  Those who were debating that we should not date outside our race were pointing to history and culture to buttress their remarks.  They pointed out the crime of slavery and persecution, in particular, as the reason behind their dismissal of other races as potential mates.  Racism notwithstanding, I’ve heard it argued that differences in culture and world perspective are legitimate reasons to dismiss potential mates, if not to hate them altogether.

I, on the other hand, was debating on a spiritual level.  I can remember, having experienced a “rebirth” as a Christian, walking around for days watching people as they passed me in the street, seeing them as souls, irrespective of flesh and blood.  It was like looking at the world through new eyes…with new sight, and with a new light.  As a Black American male, I listened to the debate about history and HIS story, and completely understood the argument.   As a Christian who has asked God for forgiveness, I found myself arguing: how can we dismiss a whole people because of the sins of some within their race?

What it comes down to for me is this: if I Am is I Am, then who are WE?   Are WE just Black, or just White, or just Asian?  And if it is true that we are all part of The Body, then what is there that connects us all more powerfully than LOVE?  As the debate drew to a close (and I must say it was a thoroughly enjoyable one, as each one who engaged in it was respectful and articulate), I was hit by a stunning question.  It was so profound for me that I had to pause before I typed it:  What if God dismissed us the same way we dismiss each other?

I shudder to even think about it.  What would our world be like then?  What would we even look like?  I don’t know what side of the debate you fall on, but I do know that I would not want to be the one trying to look God in the eye to answer it.

We are ALL connected and living under the grace of God’s forgiveness.  Dismiss and be dismissed.  Love…and be LOVED.

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2 Responses to "What If God Dismissed Us The Same Way That We Dismiss Each Other?"

  • Neter Haru EL says:

    Since the debate was with me, I appreciate the opportunity to expand our discussion here. I put forth historical as well Spiritual references of why WE should not mix our seed with Amorites (White People). At no time did I say or support that any harm should be done to them. They are worthy of Love, but not mixing seed. It seems that some think that if you take the position that I’ve taken, somehow it’s based in hatred. Well, I won’t have sex with a Homosexual either and I don’t hate them either. But their are people who will use differences based on their own insecurities to condemn another people and wish harm upon them. My not having sex with men or White People in no way indicates hatred or a desire for them to be harmed!

  • Carlita says:

    Always a hot button topic. I personally have always dated who liked me. I have seen people people give the side eye to those whom date white people however that has not been my eperience. I think you should do what makes you happy and date who you have things in common with. I’m sure god just wants the best for you.

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