Student Drivers


While on my way to a meeting this morning, I happened to fall in line behind a very slow-moving car on a narrow street.  It took a moment, but I finally realized why the car was going so slowly.  On the rear bumper was a large sign we’ve all seen before: STUDENT DRIVER.  At first, admittedly, I grew impatient.  I huffed and puffed, and I tapped my hand repeatedly on the steering wheel.  I even had a rather one-sided conversation with STUDENT DRIVER in my head.  (I won’t repeat it here).  :-)    Look, one of my growth areas is dealing with slow drivers, and I HATE traffic jams.  Hey, I’m a New Yorker, what can I tell you?

I briefly considered the old, tried and true New York car honk, but quickly decided against it.  I mean, that WOULD have been rude of me, right?

At that moment, as if nudged by God, I remembered when I was that student driver.  I remembered the first time I drove on the highway, nervous and scared.  I, too, rode that brake until it had my footprint permanently emblazoned on it.  I of course don’t remember this, but I’m SURE someone behind me had the same reaction I had today.  Impatient.  Angry.  S/he may have even honked that horn.

Nudged by God again, I realized that in every aspect of our lives, at some point we are all student drivers.  Whether it’s at our jobs, negotiating relationships, learning about ourselves, learning how to deal with others, breaking bad habits, understanding our spirituality and connection to others, etc.  And we DEFINITELY have all been student drivers when it comes to understanding God.  In fact, we always ARE student drivers when it comes to Him, aren’t we?  No matter what we may call Him, or how we praise Him, He is always the Master.  He always knows the right road, and how fast or slow we should be moving.  Yet there we are, scared, hesitant, and riding our brakes.  And no matter how frustrating we may be to Him, He always, without fail, shows us patience and love.

Later today, while on a social media page, I had a very interesting conversation with a woman who, while disagreeing with me, cussed me and showed a level of anger that just seemed out of touch with our discussion.  At first, I got angry as well.  And for a hot second, I thought about cussing her back.  I mean, I may be saved, but I wasn’t ALWAYS saved!

But then I remembered the student driver this morning.

That driver, as scared and as hesitant as he was, taught me to remember patience when dealing with others, if only because we all, at one time or another, need patience shown to us.  In short, he reminded me how I should deal with my social media antagonist.  I stayed calm, I stayed patient, and I responded to her with the respect and love I expect from all others.  I never cussed, and I stayed true to the mantra of The Berlack Method: Broadcast Your Inner Champion.

I pray that Ms. Antagonist finds peace in her heart this evening.  And I pray that I never forget that student driver.

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