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One of the signature workshops of The Berlack Method life skills training series is entitled The Tapestry.  In it, I describe the intricate and infinitely complicated physical and spiritual connections that we all share.  It is, if I do say so myself (but you don’t have to take my word for it, check out the testimonials on this website!), a powerful presentation that causes one to THINK about the impact of each action one takes, how each action has repercussions often unseen and not understood, and about the responsibility we have for each others’ lives.

This theme is evident in an HBO show called “Precious Life” that aired on May 5, 2011.  The May 6, 2011 issue of The Week magazine gave this preview:

A Palestinian infant born with a severe immune deficiency appeared certain to die before adults around him forged and unlikely alliance.  This documentary tells how people with every reason to hate one another – including an Israeli doctor, the child’s fiercely anti-Israeli mother, and an anonymous Jewish donor whose son had been killed by Palestinians – set aside their differences when one boy’s life hung in precarious balance.  Powerful yet unsentimental, the film has garnered controversy and critical acclaim alike.

Powerful indeed.  On the day that this child was born, could his mother have possibly known that a Jewish man she didn’t know would have such a huge impact on her infant son’s survival?  At the moment this man’s son was killed, the subject of the documentary had not been born.  What decisions could he have made, without this boy in mind, that would have changed his decision to help this Palestinian boy?  Would he have been moved to help him had his own son not died?  Is it possible that his son was killed so that they other boy, through the father’s benevolence, may live?

This is a stirring example of the oneness of mankind.  In spite of religion, gender, culture or age, each of these people have direct and indirect impact on matters as fundamental as life and death.  What if this young boy grows to become the man that finally brings peace to the Middle East?  Or invents the cure for cancer?  Or simply becomes a great father to children who would never have been born had he not survived?  How many lives would this young man impact then?  And, just as important, would anyone bother to connect the actions of this anonymous Jewish man to these world-changing events?  Or to the Palestinians that killed his son?  Or to the mother who put aside her hatred to allow a stranger to help her son?  Sadly, many would not.

It is not often that we think on this level.  There are those who live their entire lives without giving thought to the TRUE universal impact they have on others.  But the goal of The Tapestry presentation, and of “Precious Life,” is to bring us there.  To make us AWARE.

Know that you, too, have the power to change the world.  Even if it is your indirect actions that make it happen.  What you do with this power is up to you….

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