Forgiveness + Humility = POWER


As I began my spiritual journey as a Christian, one of the most powerful moments of my life came when I asked God to forgive me for my sins, and I gave my life to Christ.  It was such an overwhelming moment that I found myself prostrate and crying on my dining room floor, flooded with memories of my past that reminded me of what a great favor I was asking.  That moment was powerful, but it was also liberating.  I became free the moment I realized that if I were to honestly and truly ask for God’s forgiveness, I must also forgive all who had “trespassed against me.”  It was right.  It was balance.  And it was the key to unlocking my future, for I was no longer tied to the anger, fear and distrust that I had come to live with as a result of my trespassers’ actions.

That is my story and my light.  As a Christian, I shine my light as I can, through my faith, my experience and my perspective.  Yet mine is light in a world of brightness.  I was thoroughly humbled to read a story of true forgiveness recently.  Ameneh Bahrami, an Iranian woman, was permanently disfigured by the man who courted her.   When Ms. Bahrami spurned his marriage proposal, Majid Movahedi threw acid in her face, blinding her.  I cannot imagine what kind of torture that was for her.

See the article about it here.

In Iran, victims have the right to call for a literal manifestation of “an eye for an eye” justice.  In her case, Ms. Bahrami was given the option of allowing a doctor to place drops of the same acid in her attacker’s eye.  In a moment of pure humility and forgiveness, Ms. Bahrami refused.  Her reasoning provided a mantra that I will spend my life remembering:

It is best to pardon when you are in a position of power.

I was humbled to read this because I have not experienced such pain in my life.  I realized that the more that acid ate into her flesh and disfigured her, the more pain and anguish it caused her, physically and emotionally, the more gracious her forgiveness became.  And I was further humbled to be reminded that you don’t have to be a Christian to show the God in you.

I shine my light, and Ms. Bahrami shines hers.  With respect I submit to you that the forgiveness Ms. Bahrami displayed must come with a humility that would allow all of us to see past religion, race, gender, nationality, orientation or any other distinction.  And I am humbled to witness Ms. Bahrami, through her ability to forgive, reclaim her POWER and her life from her attacker.

Thank you Ms. Bahrami for shining your light so brightly.

May peace and forgiveness bless all who read this.  Amen.  אָמֵן   Ashé.    آمين

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  • Carlita says:

    Forgiveness is key to a healthy happy life. I’m so happy that you found your light, for a life in darkness is just dark… Great blog Steve!

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