Guest on Mobile Xtreme Street Team Radio Show: “Self-Hate” Pt. 2


I had the honor yesterday (6.29.11) of being a guest on the Mobile Xtreme Street Team BlogTalk Radio show entitled: “Self-Hate” Pt. 2.  MX Street Team’s show airs each Wednesday night from 9 to 11.  All of the guests on last night’s show were greeted warmly and led into thought-provoking discussion by the show’s hosts: Showtime, Shizz and Special K.

Check out the archived show here.

For my part, I wanted to emphasize that self-hate is a complicated issue that impacts people from all walks of life.  The causes of self-hate are as varied as the people who suffer from it.  I thought it important for the audience to understand that self-hate is a symptom, and is never a problem in and of itself.

Having said that, I was given the opportunity to talk about The Berlack Method, the foci of my workshops, my background and experience, and what it means to “broadcast your inner champion.”  I said last night and I’ll always say that the key to defeating self-hate is engendering self-awareness.  It’s difficult to hate yourself when you’re fully aware of who you are and the obstacles overcome by those who’ve come before you.

Between the various guests, we discussed everything from The Berlack Method to The Psych Method, from Malcolm X and the impact of slavery to speaking the language of our inner consciousness.  It was all excellent conversation and very informative.

I gave out TBM’s contact information, including this website, and I look forward to hearing from MX Street Team’s audience.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to Showtime, Shizz and Special K for all of the work they do with the MX Street Team, informing us about the issues that are important to us.  And they’re a hoot, too!  They have the wonderful knack of speaking about important issues while supplying enough humor to keep the audience entertained.  I look forward to being on the show again soon.

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