Dust of the Earth


We are born with our souls intact.  Powerful.  Knowledgeable.  Self-aware.

Yet we enter this Earth through strife, pain and trauma, bloodied and sometimes bruised.  And so the assault begins. No matter how loving our parents, how supportive our families, or how nurturing our communities, we cannot be protected from strife, pain and trauma that life presents us.

We get hurt.  

As children we fall and scrape our skin, knock out teeth and break our bones.  We slowly (or quickly) pick up our battle scars.  As adults, we weave tall tales around each one, sitting in front of fireplaces or laying under the covers, pointing to the “C” shaped scar on our elbows or the meandering decades-old line on our thighs, whose stitch marks remind us of pictures of old railroads.

We get older and discover new aches and pains, almost daily at times.  Joints that once bent gracefully send sharp waves of pain if bent only slightly.  Knuckles that once bent strong fingers into formidable fists now swell and ache in cold weather.  Hearts once strong and steady now flutter.  Legs that once sent us flying through the wind now falter.

People who should protect and nurture us strike us with their hands.  The ones who know the most about us use words that stab unerringly at our hearts.  And so we get scarred…inside and out.

We get disappointed.  

Plans carried out with time, sweat and tears get destroyed in an instant.  Loves get lost.  Friends are forgotten.  Eyes once filled with love and lust stare at us with rage, or even worse, with indifference.

We seek love, comfort, family and friends.  Yet for many of us, life rarely affords us all of these things at once.

Our tears of joy are always interspersed with tears of great sorrow and pain.

And so we change.  Because hurt and disappointment are great movers and shakers in our world.

But there’s the rub.  Change we must.  But how we change is up to us.  Change for the positive…or change for the negative.  We will change, because our movers and shakers are too powerful to resist.  In this life, we all get covered in dust.

But if you want to shake off that dust…look in the mirror.  Realize that coming clean again means that you’ve finally come to understand that you’ve spent your life trying to remember who you are, not discover who you are.  Remember: the colors of dusk are always the same as the colors of dawn.  You were who you were before the first dust of this Earth ever covered your soul.

Remember: you cannot be covered forever, because this Earth is too small for you.  This dust shall cover you, but who were you before your first trauma?

Do you remember…?

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