What Good Men Look Like

I spent the past weekend participating in a men’s conference at New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore.

As a member, I was proud to hear Bishop Walter Thomas, Sr., Pastor of New Psalmist, announce that there were over one thousand men registered and engaged in an event designed to bring men together in peace, love and testimony.  Over one thousand. From Friday evening, through all-day workshops on Saturday, to the concluding service on Sunday, we learned about walking in faith, men as leaders in our families, our communities and our church, and what sacrifices we must make to live in the expectation of blessings to come.

At various intervals, and in small groups throughout the church, we held hands, stood in circles and bowed our heads, praying together, giving testimony and acknowledging our submission to God.  We hugged, laughed, told each other we loved and respected one another, and shared stories.  As I walked along the lower levels of the church, heading towards another workshop, I saw such a circle in a small, private conference room off to the side.  And the thought struck me: this is what good men look like.  I remembered the many conversations I’ve had with people who’ve told me that such a thing as good men don’t exist.  That we’re not here.  Present.  Alive.  Making a difference….  That they themselves have never seen a good man.

And so to them I say this: one doesn’t have to be a member of New Psalmist to be a good man.  One doesn’t have to join our particular prayer circles.  One didn’t have to attend the conference.  But if the conference confirmed anything, it’s that there are good men out there. Unafraid to proclaim both our submission to something greater than us, and to proclaim our subsequent greatness. 

Leaders. Fathers.  Husbands.  Brothers.  Uncles.  Sons.  Nephews.  Friends.

And if you don’t see us…where are you looking?

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