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Over the last couple of days, there has been a great debate raging in The Berlack Method Group on Facebook.  The topic that has everyone in a tizzy is interracial dating.  As of this writing, there have been over two hundred posts to the thread.  Because of the nature of this particular group, the debate has been respectful.  However, the opinions have ranged all over the map.

As one might imagine, the group members have been passionate and emphatic about articulating their perspectives.    Some believe that there is no reason to ever date outside one’s race, some have articulated that Black men, in particular, who date outside their race do so specifically to run away from their culture, while others have stated simply that love is love, and who are we to deny a member of the human race the opportunity to find and express his/her love for someone?

I read the thread with great interest.  I made a point of biding my time so as not to influence the discussion.  After a significant amount of posts had been made, I jumped in and gave, in general, this perspective: we’ve forgotten to place God in the equation.  We’re so busy arguing earthly and historical points, that we’re forgetting that we’re all made in God’s image, and we are all his children.  If He loves us, who are we to deny love to anyone, irrespective of our different races, ethnicities and cultures.

I thought I was quite smart in my points, thank you very much.  However, someone posted something that caused me to pause and consider: it was a stretch for me to assume that all involved in the thread were Christians.  I thought that was an honest and eye-opening retort.  So I stopped and thought about that for awhile, turning the idea over in my mind.  After some time, my response was to reiterate a quote which for me sums up the tagline: broadcast your inner champion.  I typed: I cannot help you shine your light by talking about your light.  I can only help you shine your light by shining mine.

The thread continued on as these things do.  Nobody was convinced to change position on the spot (go figure, LOL), but prayerfully all had something to learn, including me.  After signing off, however, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing, that more needed to be said, and that I didn’t articulate all that I could or should have.

This morning, however, I read an article in the January 17, 2012 issue of The New York Daily News that brought the whole conversation home for me.

Read the article here.

At a Berlin animal sanctuary, six wild boar piglets, whose mother had apparently been killed by hunters, were brought in shivering and cold.  Instantly, a French Bulldog named Baby, a “veteran” resident, ran over to the piglets and snuggled them all to keep them warm.  She has not left their side since.  A video shows Baby playing with the piglets, who have clearly taken to her as “Mom.”  What’s even more remarkable is that according to sanctuary worker Norbert Damm, Baby has adopted and raised “raccoons, cats and many other animals.”

And there it is.  I felt almost ashamed that Baby knows more about love than some people I know.  If you think that the love between Baby and those piglets is somehow different or less significant than human love for one another, then I double-dog dare you to try to harm one of those piglets in Baby’s presence.  She is, after all, a bulldog.  And if you know anything about the strength, power and ferocity of a full grown boar, I dare you to harm a hair on Baby’s head once those piglets have grown.

While we’re arguing over the internet about whether or not one type of human being can love another, and what it might mean for one’s sense of identity or self-appreciation if one dares to love a human that is <gasp> different, Baby just lives her life giving love to all creatures who come across her path, irrespective of appearance, species membership, etc., and they’re all the healthier and happier for it.

And a French Bulldog named Baby shall lead them.

May we all learn from her example.

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  • Nelson says:

    This was a great topic for dicussion and we took it all around the world. But, you have brought it into the right focus and we are blessed to have your insight. We are ONE in God’s eyes but apparently we have yet to come to terms with that truth.

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