The Love-Pain


Our emanating lines, born from the very essence of our minds, our hearts, our souls; lied apart.

And there was pain.  For it is the very nature of our lines to link.

Our lines linked for reasons we think we understand.  (But of course we don’t).  Yet because you are you, and I am I, our essence intertwined.

And there was pain.  For at the time, we did not know who us would be, and our confusion was the barrier that prevented the utter miracle of two separate entities becoming a true one.

Now, though we have criss-crossed in so many ways and at so many different times, other forces will pry my mind, my heart and my soul away from yours.  The seal of time is broken, and we face…

Pain.  For although hindsight is twenty-twenty, foresight is totally blind.

Now, our lines lie apart again, with history the only hint of our possible future happiness.  But there are many dangers.  There are sharp and grinding forces that rip to shreds the essence of our souls.  And there are other lines, which, due to their very nature, might intertwine with ours and cause us to fall short.  The thought of this possibility brings even more…

Pain.  But it is this very pain, this love-pain, that gives me the desire to see the day when our emanating lines, the essence of our souls, not only intertwine, but truly become…


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