Parent UP!! It’s That Serious

By all accounts, last night’s community open forum: “Parent Up!! Who’s Parenting Who?” was a great success. I was proud to co-present the event with Caprice Smith, President of SharperMinds Consultants. Thank you and kudos to the co-hosts: Pimlico Elementary/Middle School #223, Ms. Elneeta Jones, Principal, (with a special thanks to Jackie Peterson and Wanda Williams), Park Heights Renaissance, Inc., the WONDERFUL panel: Bonita Linkins, Felicia Roach, Lisa Calicchia and Duane Williams, and an informed and participative audience.

There was much to discuss, and a lot of great points of interest, stories, information, support and concerns passed around the room. It seemed that just as passions were getting at their highest…it was time to end the forum. Principal Jones made an impassioned plea for parental involvement and assistance at Pimlico and throughout the system. That is why it was especially important that several members of the audience took it upon themselves to exchange contact information with a promise to meet further on the issue of parenting and to TAKE ACTION!! We were especially pleased to see that, as that is the very point of the forum series.

Given all that, I believe that it is not coincidence that on the same day of the forum, a story was printed in the New York Daily News about a 16 year-old boy that beat his mother to death with a hammer because she took away his PlayStation after an argument.

See the article here.

A mother being murdered in cold blood (according to the article, he confessed to mulling over what to do for hours before bludgeoning her), by her own son after he was disciplined by her is a STARK reminder that this issue is THAT SERIOUS.

We’ve got work to do.  And if we don’t do it, who will?  Time to roll those sleeves up….

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