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I had the honor of addressing the dads of Pimlico Elementary/Middle #223 on Tuesday, March 29, at their annual Donuts for Dads event.  Rev. Al Bailey of New Psalmist Baptist Church also spoke.  Of course, supplying coffee and donuts is a great way to gather dads, (at least for me it is!), and the Senior Lounge provided a nice, relaxed atmosphere for our discussions.

Rev. Bailey discussed the many resources at hand at New Psalmist, and about the recent Men’s Conference.  I gave a brief speech about the difference between father and dad, using my own life as an example.  I LOVED the fact that many of the dads pulled their kids from classrooms to be present at the discussion, and things got VERY interesting when Ms. Peterson, the coordinator of the event, left the room so that we could have real, live talk in our “man cave.”

We discussed the things men want to talk about, and I was delighted to see that all of the dads participated, giving each other advice and encouragement.  I provided a little guidance here and there, but the men really took over and took LEADERSHIP of the event.  It really warmed my heart to see it.

The feedback we received from the dads was that they wanted to have more time to connect and communicate with each other, and that they wanted to do this kind of event more often.  We will do our best to comply.  These dads deserve it.  Kudos to Jackie Peterson, Elneeta Jones, Principal of Pimlico and Rev. Al Bailey for making this event happen.

THIS is the kind of story that should be in the news!  What do you think?

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