When You’re Face Down, Stay Faith Up


We all get to a point sometimes where we have it all figured out.

We work hard.  We sacrifice.  We struggle to provide for our families.  We plan and we pray.  Then we plan and we pray some more.  Then we pray a little more before we revise our plan.

And how we do plan!  Some of us, of course are better at planning than others.  We can have the next fifteen years all laid out…detail by tiny detail.  “First I’ll do this by the time I’m X years old…then I’ll move on to this by the time I’m X+3 years old…then I’ll….”  We even come up with Plans B, C, D and E!

All the time waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting….  When will our plans bear fruit?  When will our blessings come?

One of the best quotes I ever heard about planning came from Mike Tyson.  (Knowledge comes from anywhere and everywhere).

Everyone has a plan until they’re hit in the mouth.

That’s exactly what happens.  If life can do anything, it can hit us in the mouth.  With authority.  And power.  If you’ve ever seen a boxer do the “I’m about to hit the canvas but I don’t want to” dance, then you know what you look like when life catches you on the jaw.  We do the dance because we’re holding on to that plan and those prayers.  “Hey, wait a minute…I PRAYED on it!  Where’s my BLESSING?”  Then…BAM!!  You hit the canvas.  Ready or not.

So…here’s some advice.  Even when you’re face down, stay FAITH UP.  Because your faith is your prayer’s engine.  It’s your faith, and not your plans, that will get you off the canvas.  So when your plans have gone all awry (and who hasn’t been there?), KEEP THE FAITH.  Because we never hit the canvas unless there’s something for us to learn before we get back up.  And with faith, we ALWAYS get back up.

Your blessings are still out there.  You just didn’t PLAN on this trip to the canvas.  So while you’re down there, remember Mr. Tyson’s quote.  And remember what it takes to get back up and receive those blessings.

Stay FAITH UP my friends.

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