When You’re Close To Your Dreams

Sometimes, the hardest place is be is close to your dreams.  When everything you’ve worked for, sweated for, sacrificed for and dreamed about is right at your fingertips…but not quite within your grasp…it can be torture.

Maybe your issue is money.  “If I just had $10,000, I could DO this!”  Maybe your issue is time.  Or family commitments.  Maybe you simply don’t know how to get over the hump and achieve your dreams.  Maybe you don’t have the support you need….

Often, people are much closer to their dreams than they realize.  They struggle with the challenges of life, like always, and then BAM!!  What others would call a lucky break occurs, and someone’s life is changed for the better.  Though they may suffer, I submit to you that it is agony of a whole new level when you’re right there…at the edge of your dreams…and you know you’re there…yet the end of the journey is still unknown.  You still might fail.

And so maybe your issue is patience.  The ability to hold on just one more day until that breakthrough.  The ability to stay strong when your bills are bigger than your bank account.  When the naysayers are at their loudest…whispering in your ear.  They whisper so loud that you feel your eardrums will burst.  Yet they’re slick enough that  no-one else hears them but you.

I may or may not be able to help you with the struggles of your life.  The issues that hold you from your dreams.  But I can tell you that the patience you need to HOLD ON!..  is born from faith.  I am a witness that angels come your way when you least expect it.  That you will find people you love and barely know alike standing by your side at your darkest hour.  Lifting you when you fall.  Walking you across the goal line that lay only inches from your feet, but that you never would have crossed without help.

Your issue may be anything…but the answer to all is faith.  You will MAKE it.  You will survive.  You will achieve.

While windows slam in your face, I tell you….  God will open doors.

Someone said that in my ear, that I may whisper it in yours….

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2 Responses to "When You’re Close To Your Dreams"

  • Willie Nabors says:

    Good post. It reminds me of a story I heard about a mountain climber who was a new Christian: he embarked on a risky climb, and was about to be trapped on the mountain during a major blizzard. He prayed, and God gave him a window of time to start his descent. When he came to a fork in his path, he prayed again. God said, “Go left,”; when the climber did, he found clear ground so he could ski a long distance toward the mountain road. It began to snow again, but the climber kept to the path the Lord had shown him. Soon, visibility was negligible, and night was falling. Panicking, the climber rushed ahead, not wanting to be trapped. He knew that he was close to the mountain road, and safety, but he became disoriented. He bagen to climb down the face of the mountain, going in the prescribed direction, but now totally blind in the snow. He prayed again, but heard no answer. Soon, he ran out of rope. He prayed again:”Okay, God, I’ve done all I can do; what now?”. He heard the Lord speak again, saying, “Let go of the rope.” The man hung there in disbelief, thinking he had lost his mind. Freezing cold and afraid, he argued with God for hours, and the answer always came back, “Let go of the rope.”
    The rescuers found his body days later, after the storm broke, hanging three feet above the mountain road.
    Sometimes your circumstances make no sense, and you may think you’re going a little loopy, but trust God. If you’ve learned how to hear Him, learn how to obey Him. He won’t lead you astray. Easier said than done at first, but extremely comforting as you grow in the Lord.

  • Mindi says:

    Thank you. I do believe if we are too comfortable then we are not growing. We should be moving forward, learning, growing, achieving at a fast enough rate to create some uneasiness and uncertainty so that we rely on our faith in God to give us what we need to get to the next great thing.

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