We’ve Never Been Touched


Sometimes…we have THAT DREAM.  The one in which we’re being chased.  And we’re scared out of our minds.  Running from…the ghost, spirit, phantom, friend, enemy…that entity that we can see but can’t make out.  Hazy…misty…only visible out of the corners of our eyes.  It threatens us…harasses us…gnaws at us…strikes at us…hisses at us…FRIGHTENS us….

The scenes change crazily and haphazardly.  A moonlit park one moment…an old, familiar classroom from 20 years ago the next…a boat we’ve never seen before, but that is so clear we can give all the details of it whenever we awake.  We get the perception that the demons that haunt us are EVERYWHERE.  To the point that we can’t make sense of it.  “How…?  Wait…when did I…how did it…?”    At the end, the demon always closes in.  We can FEEL it.  We can SENSE it.  We can HEAR it.  It raises to strike…gnaws its teeth to bite…reaches out to….

And then we awaken.  Heart racing…sweat drenching our clothes.  We breathe so hard and so quickly it hurts, and so loudly it roars in our own ears.  Staring into darkness…frightened…trying to remember…the images in the corners of our consciousness….

If we remember (and even if we don’t), there are always symbols in our dreams.  A key is not just a key.  A buzzsaw on the side of a building represents something.  A boat is more than just a boat.  We’re being told who we are.  We’re told about our purpose and about those who oppose it.  We remember the anxiety, the fear…brought on by the spirit angered at our self-awareness, and then….

With FAITH we can remember: WE’VE NEVER BEEN TOUCHED.  Teeth were bared but never bit us.  Swords were raised but never cut us.  Voices were raised to a fever pitch but our ears never bled.  We fell…but never landed.  No matter how frightening the enemy is, no matter how intensely he bared and gnashed his teeth, no matter how scary the weapon raised against us….  We’re still here.  Tried and triumphant.  Covered and blessed….

So, tell me again why we’re frightened?

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2 Responses to "We’ve Never Been Touched"

  • christine black says:

    This reads like my story (the dreams, visions, fears) back in the day when I was living the life, or what I thought living the life was. It was many years ago, but your words made it all seem like it was only yesterday, and it hit me like a ton of bricks “Even then He kept me! (The Lord, my Shepherd) Even then He loved me! (He sacrificed His only begotten Son) Even though He was nowhere in my thoughts at that time He SAVED me.” ( I will fear no evil) It is with a humble heart that I submit, surrender and give all my heart to Him, keeping nothing for myself but a willingness to serve Him as He would have me to do. (My Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.)

  • Nelson says:

    Steve, I have had those dreams. In fact, I have dad the same dream over and over again. One thing your article makes me realize is that, in the dream, I was always trying to save myself and never once did I call on the Lord to help me. However, during my awaken hours, I continually call on the Lord.

    Why was I so frightened? I did not know during the dream that I had nothing to fear but fear itself. Hey, I had a challenging dream last night about some of my fears. I realized that sometimes, my fears are stronger than my faith. It’s an area that I am still working on.

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