I want to take a moment to welcome everyone to my new cyber-home: www.steveberlack.org.

This website is a testament to the power of faith.  I’m here to give testimony that if any of you reading this believe that you have a purpose and submit your life to fulfilling that purpose, God will bless you with tremendous opportunities and resources that you may not have even dreamed of.  This website is that blessing and opportunity for me.  When I founded The Berlack Method, LLC, I had neither the expertise nor the resources to produce such an eye-catching and effective website.  However, I held true to my faith.  I was CERTAIN that if I continued to pursue developing TBM, God would provide what I needed to progress.  Through (God/happenstance – what would you call it?), I met Dr. Diva Verdun, who developed the site with HER God-given talents. 

My job now is to pass that blessing on to others through my work.

Having acknowledged God, I want to thank Dr. Verdun for all of her hard work, vision and determination to make this site a reality.  You are the best Diva, and truly The Illuminator!

Now…as for the site.  Please feel free to explore the many interactive features of this website.  Here you’ll find:

  • Video clips of my life skills training workshop, the BET Tonight Shows I’ve hosted, a clip of my Disney talk show pilot, my appearance on 60 Minutes, community forums and more.  Check back often!
  • Photo galleries of various aspects of my life and events related to my work, complete with music.  Just let the pics load, sit back, relax and enjoy!
  • A floating tag cloud that interacts with you!  Play with it as much as you like.  I do!  You can click on any tag to take you to the blogs corresponding to it.
  • A scrolling Twitter feed of my musings there.
  • Champions’ Blog.
  • A blog calendar.
  • An events calendar with particular event information and event lists below it.
  • A ticker tape of important announcements.
  • A page peel that unveils a picture of me with elements of my logo that directs you to my booking page.
  • And more!!  Just explore and enjoy!  I take this site with coffee, but maybe that’s just me!  :-)

Thank all of you for visiting, and taking some time out of your busy day to spend with Steve Berlack and The Berlack Method, LLC.

If this site proves to be a blessing to you, then you know what to do….

Sound off!

Broadcast Your Inner Champion

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