The Devil & I Am (Lived)


With special thanks to Dr. Diva Verdun.

I am that I am.

The Devil says that fear will rule me.  I Am says I will be guided by faith.

The Devil: I will  never make it.  I was a fool to make the decisions that brought me here.  I Am: I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be.

The Devil: My finances will ruin me.  I will never have the means to live in my purpose.  I Am: I am already my most precious commodity, and I already have all that I need.  Any future needs are already anticipated, and have been covered.

The Devil: I am weak.  I cannot stand against the obstacles in my way.  I Am: My strength flows from I Am, and as long as I Am, who can stand against me?

The Devil: All is pointless.  There is no sense in my moving forward, or following through with my mission, because no one will understand, or receive my message.  I Am: I Am the fruit of I Am.  I Am has planted the seeds, and as long as I am open to receive, my actions will bear fruit too plentiful for me to count.

The Devil: All is pain.  All is wretched.  All are deceitful.  All are hurtful.  All are lost.  I Am: I Am Love.  And all who are I Am are washed in Love.  All who are part of the body are FOUND in the body.

The Devil: I am isolated.  I am confused.  I am alone.  I Am: I am We.  I am part of the body.  I need but open my mind to I Am to know who I Am.  I am AWARE.

The Devil: My future is chaos.  My future is dark.  My future is unclear.  I Am: I.  Am.  Already.  Written.

The Devil: I am chained.  I am constricted.  I am linear.  I Am: My awareness is my freedom.  The more I am AWARE of I Am, the more expansive is my thinking.  The more expansive my thinking, the more AWARE I Am.  I am the complete circle.  I am 360 degrees.

The Devil is The Devil.  I Am is Lived.

I Am that I Am.

Who are you?

Sound Off!

Broadcast Your Inner Champion!

4 Responses to "The Devil & I Am (Lived)"

  • Willie Nabors says:

    Great post! A timely word for all of us, especially me. Everyone is faced with situations that force a review of our life standing, whether we want to face it or not. There is no shame in the occasional tussle with fear or anger, but we should never allow ourselves to remain in that state. The Lord has already provided so much for us to access by way of His promises to us that we can only fail by refusing to receive what already belongs to us. Daily, we all have to remind ourselves that we’ve been promised victory, we have divinely protected health and unlimited resources available to us today. Thanks for the reminder.

  • BO says:

    This so true. Sometimes we find ourselves listening to that voice and it’s complete chaos within us. We just have to ignore this “enemy voice” and listen to the calm voice. Keep up the good work dear twin. LOL

  • Shelvee says:

    A blessed and powerful message for the often bruised entrepreneur. Thank you

  • Larry Perrin says:

    WOW. You were right this was an inspired word Steve. The Holy Spirit worked thru you on this one. Stay on your course. GOD has something major for you to do. I know it.

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