Sometimes, life just goes haywire.  At the most unexpected moment.  And at the worst possible time.  You may be moving along just fine along your Planned Path in life.  You may even be going through life’s normal struggles.  You know, when things happen in your life that you’re not too comfortable with, but you understand the issue and why it’s happening, and you make the corrections necessary to make it through.

But then, when you least expect it, the people closest to you, the ones who say they love you, your friends, your family, your co-workers, your boss, and that little old lady you see walking along the street every once in a while with her groceries, all turn on you in venomous rage.  They curse at you, argue with you, or worse, talk about you to common “friends” after spending the morning smiling in your face.  People who claim to know you but who in reality couldn’t say what your favorite color is whisper in other people’s ears…giving them “advice” and turning a knife in your back with every word.  Then they see you the next day and say “Hey you!”  Grinning from ear to ear.  And you think it’s friendliness and warmth in their eyes.

And in the recesses of your mind, you think: “why is s/he so angry over THAT?”  Or: “That made no sense at all!”  Or: “Who the Hades is s/he to talk about me as if s/he knows me?”  Your gut tells you something’s wrong.  That something’s not right.  That you’re missing something.  You feel it in your soul.

And I’m here to tell you that nothing’s wrong.  Everything is all right.  And if you’re missing anything, it’s that these people are acting this way because you’re being “pushed.”  That “push” is what you’re really feeling.   That “push” from one part of your life to another.  From one page to another.  One chapter to another.  One friend to another.  One foe….

Though it may be painful, someone is telling you that it’s time to move on.  And I know who it is.  He doesn’t want you to be stagnant in life.  You have a mission.  You have a purpose.  And just as clay cannot be molded without FIRE, you can’t move on without some pain.  Sometimes a lot of pain.

So how do you make it through?  How do you survive the madness?  The false confusion?

It’s easier than you think.

Just remember to G.R.O.W.  

God. Rules. Our. World.

Ashé.  Amen.

Have you G.R.O.W.n today?

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3 Responses to "G.R.O.W."

  • nedra says:

    Thank you! I know what I need to do but I am stuck in fear.

  • drdivaphd says:

    Hmmm. GROWing Up! G.R.O.W. (God Rules Our World) Well in essence God has given us each the POWER to rule our own individual experiences through our own free will choices. The only world we have control over is the one we create for ourselves. We have what we desire to experience, even when these experiences seem to be bad. What other people see and judge and say only influences our decisions, we still make our own choices, whether they are out of fear or knowledge, we still made the choice. So whatever we are going through we are then growing to – meaning we are coming into new knowledge and understanding.

    Our ego hurts when people speak negatively of us for not agreeing with our choices, because we want to always be right. This is the ego speaking to us to manipulate our choices. However, once our ego settles down we may hear truth in what others are sharing even when we don’t want to hear it. Remember, when our moms told us not to do something, but we just knew we were on the right track for ourselves and it didn’t turn out the way we thought. We had to hear the i told you soes, which we never ever want to face. Its easier to tune out everyone else when they have something to say we don’t want to hear, but this delays our GROWth, because we are not learning anything. To GROW we have to come into new knowledge.

    My thought in sharing here actually resounds around the follow statement you wrote:

    “when you least expect it, the people closest to you, the ones who say they love you, your friends, your family, your co-workers, your boss, and that little old lady you see walking along the street every once in a while with her groceries, all turn on you in venomous rage.”

    It seems to me if this many people in our experience are all turning on us saying the same thing that maybe there is some truth that is not being faced in this experience. Sometimes Spirit has to create a commotion to get our attention. So if loved ones, family and friends are in rage, especially venomous rage, and this energy stretches the expanse down to the lil old lady walking across the street with groceries, then there is a perception that we must stop and face about ourselves.

    Over thinking everyone else is tripping, maybe we need to turn the mirror so we can see what is going on with us so that we can truly G.R.O.W without pointing the blame on others. This many people all in an uproar at us in what you refer to as a venomous rage means there is something we are doing to generate hostility in others. This may stem from a deeply rooted subconscious attitude, experience, or past hurt that we may have that is reflecting itself on our daily canvass of life intruding on our joy and the joy of others.

    There is energy in all we think. It is all about energy! That energy is absorbed by other people even when we least think our mood affects others. But if the lil old lady is in venomous rage as well, then this is an obvious key that maybe what loved ones, friends and family are trying to point out or vent just might have some validity.

    It is our dealing with our own egos that allows us to face that within ourselves that we need to face to make adjustments to put us on the path to living the life of promise, which is one of more abundance.

    It is so easy to lash out at others that seem to not understand what we are going through, but we have to sit and meditate on what we ARE actually going through so we can GROW through it to the higher level of awareness because its all about living the abundant life of promise. So we have to sometimes mow the grass of our minds because we have allowed it to GROW to high in the wrong direction.

    Know that through all the trials on the L.I.F.E. journey we are always finding new awareness in our own issues and experiences. It has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else except us, because GROWING UP to L.I.F.E. is a task that only we each can individually do for ourselves. Facing ourselves and saying I’m not hiding anymore behind anything, including our egos is the hardest and most difficult thing we can do; but the most rewarding and healing as we humble ourselves to do it.

    Many times this means we have to sit with ourselves and find what has caused this negative energy cloud that we carry that rubs all the people in our experience the wrong way including the lil lady walking across the street. (again, that’s the key that there is an issue, when our energy affects people we really barely know).

    In most cases this negative energy cloud is carried forth daily without our conscious awareness of it because we have allowed our minds, hearts and souls to become so crystallized with resentment that we can not allow love to move within our own being. This leads to sickness on many levels in the natural, physical and spiritual, creating lack of finances, lack of health, lack of spiritual continuity, lack of peace, joy and harmony.

    Remember, we are here to live life and live it more abundantly, so when we find people have venomous rage, the first act we have to take is to GROW to the level to coral our ego so that we can find the source of this energy within ourselves to put all at ease so we can go about experiencing our own lives in peace, joy and abundance. As we change our own energy we find the energy dynamic around us miraculously changes without our ever having to say anything.

    I have an article on resentment if anyone is interested.

    “Emotional Self-Mastery – Overcoming Resentment through Forgiveness”


    As always, my brotha, thank you for letting me “Sound-Off”



  • steveberlack says:

    Nedra: Thanks for responding! Please read one of my old posts entitled “Faith > Fear”:


    Diva: Thanks for sounding off so eloquently! I’d like to add a thought. Your response brings to mind an important concept about Champions’ Blog that will be borne out with my upcoming book: each post is written in different literary styles. Some are pure prose, others are poetic (including actual poems), and some are a mixture somewhere in between. “G.R.O.W.” is the latter.

    As such, it is not necessarily to be taken literally. For instance, much like in poetry, some of the responses I’ve gotten were very different from yours. But, as in poetry, there is no right or wrong response. For instance, the little old lady was written as a symbol. She could be anyone who responds to you in an unexpected way. Given that, who knows what circumstances prompt her to respond in a way that might have nothing to do with you or your particular energy? Perhaps she just had an argument with her husband and took it out on you when you tried to help her across the street, a bright smile on your face and great intentions in your heart, but your efforts reminded her of how she perceives her husband as belittling her and disrespectful of her independence. (Anyone who’s ever gotten BLESSED OUT for putting too much sugar in someone’s tea or stepping on someone’s shoe knows what I mean).

    I would also note that in the passage you quote, it never states that this all happens all at once. In fact, no timetable is given. As poetic writing, these things could have been happening all through one’s life, and for a host of different reasons changing with the times, and as one has changed. It’s all open to interpretation.

    In short, your response is absolutely correct! I’m just pointing out that your response is a reflection of your expertise (of which you have plenty, as I know) and your experiences. For those of you who thought something completely different, you’re just as correct! (Think about the picture of the old lady and the young woman who both appear in the same picture, but typically only one at a time).

    Much love Diva!

    – Steve

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