Faith > Fear

As I sit here typing this, I find myself in the middle of a decades-long battle.  Faith vs. Fear.  More specifically, which of the two will be the driving force in my life?

My faith tells me that my diamond (define that as you will – my “true” self, my soul, my essence, etc.) will shine for all to see.  That in the end, I will live in my purpose and help vast numbers of people to live in theirs and experience healthier, happier lives than they did before my assistance.  My fear tells me that the mud, dirt, ash and blood that life has heaped on my diamond will not only keep others from seeing its sparkle, but will keep me from seeing it as well.  That the vision of my purposeful life I see in my mind’s eye will not manifest in reality.

The details of this battle are irrelevant.  I say this because I’ve found that almost all of us struggle with the battle of faith vs. fear.  The details of our battles differ from person to person.  But ultimately, we must choose to fight with the weapons of faith, or succumb to the demons of fear.

I choose to fight.  This is not a physical struggle.  This is a spiritual one.  This is a mental one.  And an emotional one.  And I claim right here and now that my faith is greater than my fear.  My diamond will be seen.  I WILL live in my purpose.  The visions in my mind’s eye today will be tomorrow’s reality.  I choose to fight.  What do YOU choose to do?

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  • Valarie Walker says:

    Steve, as I read and digest your comments of this blog, I am reminded by a conversation I once had with my grandmother. Having grown up in a society that had not been very kind to her, because of the color of her skin, I use to ask her, “How did you survive the hardships and prejudices you faced in this world that I only dreamed would someday be so different for me and my children? What gave you the will to even try? And how did you keep from hating?” Her reply was, “Because of all the hope that I had.” However, I had wondered how she could have had hope and known then what might be possible for her future?

    Over time, I learned that the hope that enabled my grandmother to work for a better life for herself and her family was not tied to no grand scenario. Her hope was the knowledge that there was always the possibility of something better if she kept the faith and worked for it.

    We all have to understand that the future may not come just the way we expect it and with this in mind will make it extraordinarily fearful, but if we keep the faith, not only can we make a better future but it can also be one that may exceed our wildest expectations.

    Your decision to fight against your fear and embrace such a strong spiritual faith can only put you on a path enabling your diamond to shine like that of a July morning sun. Exposing us all to a clearer vision for our own lives and future. I thank you for reminded me of what I need to do in order to face my own fears that have compromised my ability to reach my goals and aspirations.

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