Who’s Buying The Cow?


One week from today, on Thursday May 19, 2011, Caprice Smith, President of SharperMinds Consultants and I will present the last in the “Third Thursdays” series of community open forums.  The title for this one: “Who’s Buying The Cow? Mr. & Mrs. vs. Baby Daddy & Baby Mama.”  It will be held, as has the others, at Pimlico Elementary/Middle School #223 in Baltimore, from 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

See flier here.

We’re greatly looking forward to this one!  The buzz about the topic amongst my friends/family and on my social media networks has been high, to say the least.  Needless to say, this is a great topic because it’s not only timely, but the institution of marriage (or lack thereof) and the nuances of long-term relationships are issues that impact ALL of us.  Just as important, these are issues that many of us feel very strongly about, one way or the other.  Is it necessary to have a strong and healthy marriage in the home in order to have a strong and healthy family?  Why are divorce rates so high in America today?  What does the high divorce rate say about the typical American attitude towards marriage?  What  issues (if any) are presented by children in a household having multiple fathers?  Why is father absenteeism so prevalent in certain communities and not in others?  Will our children live with the same divorce rate as we are?  What’s the future of their long-term relationships?

We’ll deal with these questions and many more during the forum.  We’re not only excited because of the great topic, but we’re looking forward to seeing some of our audience regulars over the past few months.  Our audiences have been FANTASTIC!  They’ve been vocal, communicative and REAL about all of the topics we’ve covered AND THEN SOME….  As facilitator, I have yet to get through the questions I’ve prepared beforehand, because I’m usually following up with new questions generated by the audience.  They’ve debated with respect and dignity, they’ve reluctantly agreed, and they’ve flat-out disagreed with each other.  And we’ve all learned because of it.  And that was the point.

The topics we’ve covered during this series:

  • Parent Up!  Who’s Parenting Who?
  • Does “No” EVER Mean “Yes?”  Domestic Violence Exposed
  • Enough Already!  Stop Using The “N” Word!
  • Who’s Buying The Cow?  Mr. & Mrs. vs. Baby Daddy & Baby Mama

You can find video clips of these forums and more by clicking here.

When Caprice and I planned these forums last year, we had no idea, of course, how they would turn out.  We envisioned audiences passionately debating issues with their community neighbors about important and hard-hitting issues, and that’s exactly what happened.  The Park Heights community has been phenomenal, and has supported us throughout.  We look forward to working with them again in the near future, making “Third Thursdays” bigger and better next school year.

I wanted to take a moment to thank some great people for their efforts in making this happen.  Kudos to:


  • The Berlack Method, LLC
  • SharperMinds Consultants


  • Pimlico Elementary/Middle School #223
  • Park Heights Renaissance, Inc.


  • Elneeta Jones – Principal, Pimlico
  • Jackie Peterson (Pimlico/Park Heights Renaissance, Inc.)
  • Wanda Williams (Pimlico)
  • Support Staff at Pimlico

We could not have made these fantastic forums happen without your loving help and support.  THANK YOU!

This particular team came together to makes things happen and make a difference in lives we touch directly and indirectly.  We stand with the conviction that we will continue to work tirelessly to make our efforts and our results bigger and better than ever as time goes on.

Where do you fit in this effort?  Please start by supporting “Who’s Buying The Cow?…”  Let your voice be heard in your community!  Then…what will you do from there?

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