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Making a key point at the Real Talk Panel Series - Business

On October 13, 2010, I had the honor to be a panelist for Morgan State University’s Real Talk Panel Series.  This edition of the series focused on business and entrepreneurial advice.

I shared the dais with thoughtful and engaging panelists that pulled on their years of experience to provide thought-provoking anecdotes and words of wisdom to eager students from the School of Business.  Our topics included general business tips, the role of networking, Morgan State’s unique and expansive network, the joys (and perils) of entrepreneurship and more.  As a former non-profit executive director, teacher, school administrator, media talent and current business owner, I found that I had much to say.  I especially enjoyed connecting social and historical themes to the topic of business ownership.  Student questions were incisive, to say the least, and challenged us on the panel to dig deep for answers.

Kudos to the Office of Student Activities, The Student Government Association and The School of Business for a wonderful and engaging discussion.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to participating in similar events.

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  • Vernon Davis Jr. says:

    This panel sounded like it was very informative to the students. I enjoy being on panels like this, talking to college students trying to prepare them for the “Real World”.

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