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On Saturday, January 22, 2011, I had a great on-air interview with Host Wendy Hancils of

We discussed issues impacting the large and active African community in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area, Pan-Africanism, and the spiritual connection that binds ALL of us irrespective of race, creed or color.  In particular, I spoke about the fact that my surname is a product of my Prussian Jewish ancestor, while my roots to Africa go not through the U.S., but through Puerto Rico.  Talk about a mixed bag!  But if that’s not the American story, what is?

I also spoke about my Fulbright trip to Peru, during which I studied Afro-Peruvian history and culture.  I remember well the meetings we had with the elders of the Afro-Peruvian community, during which they told us of their struggles to remain rooted in their African ancestry while also engaging actively in Peruvian society.

Given the extensive reach of our connections to one another as I’ve described above, I believe it’s important for us as Americans to pay close attention to the events in Tunisia and Egypt.  The outcome of their protests and the Tunisian popular overthrow of the government will have far-reaching implications for us here in the States.  It is in ALL of our interests to look past color, race and nationality and build liberty and democracy as one people.

Finally, we discussed The Berlack Method’s inspirational workshops and community open forums, which touch on similar themes, such as our personal connections to and responsibility for one another.

Visit The Berlack Method’s website here for more information.

By the way, I was JAMMING on an exotic mix of African, Caribbean, Old School R&B and House music played on before my interview.  I loved it and will be back for more.

Shout out to Wendy Hancils and the team at for a job well done.

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