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  • Broadcast Your Inner Champion – BOOK EXCERPT

      BROADCAST YOUR INNER CHAMPION A JOURNEY OF SELF-REMEMBRANCE… AND IMPACT! STEVE BERLACK Copyright © 2014 Steve Berlack. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted by any means—whether auditory, graphic, mechanical, or electronic—without written permission of both publisher and author, except in the […]

  • What Happens When We Die?

    What happens when we die? This is a question that man has asked from the beginning of time. The fact is, of course, that there is nothing we can prove about the afterlife. However, one need only peruse the internet, watch television, or know of someone who has had a […]

  • James Weldon Johnson Lifted More Than His Voice

    I saw his name for the first time when I walked into a project complex in Harlem.  A sign with huge letters at the front entrance read: “Welcome to the James Weldon Johnson Houses.”  I never heard of him.  I was 27 years old.  Being naturally curious, I looked him […]

  • Our Connection Is But A Whisper

    I recently had the pleasure of interacting with members of a particular religious sect on the streets of Baltimore.  They were resplendent in their traditional gear, and were presenting a powerful presence through their microphone and speakers.  They were preaching the Word.  I had not seen them in Baltimore before, […]

  • Leadership Development Through Opportunity

    There are very specific and well-documented methodologies used to develop leaders.  Companies spend tremendous amounts of money annually to sponsor training sessions, workshops, retreats and the like for such purpose.  Trainers are well versed in tried and true strategies, which they impart to their charges with the hopes that at […]

  • Leadership = Investment

    In my research on leadership development I typically come across the same themes: qualities of effective leaders, elements of team building, etc.  I’ve found, however, that a term germane to leadership is often missing: Investment. The concept is so fundamental to leadership development that it is often overlooked.  When I […]

  • The Cardinal Rule of Leadership

    If you’ve ever been part of an organization, then I’d surmise that you must have at some point thought about leadership.  Every group has at least one.  Given that, my experience has been that more often than not, a huge difference between successful organizations and those that are not so […]

  • In The Ring

    I’ve learned a lot by being in the ring with Life. My first lesson: Life is a world-class heavyweight champion.  And Life hits HARD.  He’s been around a long time, and is no rookie.  He’s trained century after century, decade after decade, year after year…day after tireless day…and knows all […]

  • What Men Want

    As President of The Berlack Method, I’ve participated as either a facilitator or panelist for many forums and community events on relationships.  Some of the most memorable ones occurred with all-female audiences and all-male panelists.  No matter what questions were asked, invariably, the one ladies wanted answered most of all […]