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  • Noise

    This is for anyone who’s ever made a decision…and then heard nothing but NOISE. I am here to tell you that if you ever stand firm in your convictions, if you ever make a decision based on your morals, standards and faith…then noise is exactly what you’ll hear. The bad […]

  • Dust of the Earth

      We are born with our souls intact.  Powerful.  Knowledgeable.  Self-aware. Yet we enter this Earth through strife, pain and trauma, bloodied and sometimes bruised.  And so the assault begins. No matter how loving our parents, how supportive our families, or how nurturing our communities, we cannot be protected from […]

  • Who Am I That I May Touch Your Soul?

      I am, by pure definition, a bastard.  I am the son of an unwed mother in the South Bronx, whose father was killed in Vietnam when I was seven months old.  I grew up in both hard-scrabble, burned-out neighborhoods, replete with gangs, and in peaceful areas with working-class folks […]

  • When You Don’t Know Who You Are, Others Will Tell You

      The story of 19-year-old University of South Carolina – Beaufort student Byron Thomas has gone viral in the last few days.  The reason why he’s garnered so much attention (in print media, broadcast news and the internet) is because he is determined to hang a Confederate flag from his […]

  • None So Blind

      “Who are you?” What seems to be, on its surface, a simple question, is in reality stunningly complex.  The more one thinks about the question, the more one truly understands its meaning, and the more one understands the information it tries to bring out of the respondent, the more […]

  • Minority = Less Than

      One of the themes I often address in my workshops is the fact that perception is a powerful influence on self-identity and self-worth.  In other words, how we see ourselves impacts our attitudes and our “realities.”   For instance, how many times have you turned on a news report […]

  • The Ashford & Simpson Effect

      Like many R&B fans the world over, I was shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Nicholas Ashford recently.   After reading an article about it, I reminisced about the soulful and inspiring music written, sung and produced by Mr. Ashford and his beautiful wife Valerie Simpson.  I […]

  • Guest on Mobile Xtreme Street Team Radio Show: “Self-Hate” Pt. 2

      I had the honor yesterday (6.29.11) of being a guest on the Mobile Xtreme Street Team BlogTalk Radio show entitled: “Self-Hate” Pt. 2.  MX Street Team’s show airs each Wednesday night from 9 to 11.  All of the guests on last night’s show were greeted warmly and led into […]

  • Self-Awareness + Respect = Pull Your Pants Up!

      Matt Hinton, writing in the blog Dr. Saturday on, reported on an seemingly random and senseless incident that made the news cycle recently.  Deshon Marman, a safety for the University of New Mexico football team, was kicked off a plane at San Francisco International Airport for refusing to […]