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  • What Men Want

    As President of The Berlack Method, I’ve participated as either a facilitator or panelist for many forums and community events on relationships.  Some of the most memorable ones occurred with all-female audiences and all-male panelists.  No matter what questions were asked, invariably, the one ladies wanted answered most of all […]

  • Look-A-Likes

      When we are young (“and dumb,” as my Drill Sergeant used to say), the biggest obstacle to our finding love is ourselves.  We fly recklessly from one encounter and from conquest to another.  At best, we have fun and explore; at worst we hurt each other irreparably as we […]

  • The Love-Pain

      Our emanating lines, born from the very essence of our minds, our hearts, our souls; lied apart. And there was pain.  For it is the very nature of our lines to link. Our lines linked for reasons we think we understand.  (But of course we don’t).  Yet because you […]

  • Tissues From The Sky

      Weston Benjamin Berlack 1914-1997 I was ten years old.  Laying on my stomach.  My chin resting on my hands.  On a soft, comfortable bed.  A bed so large I could swim from one side to the other.  There was an old, familiar scent in my nose.  Something like apple […]

  • We Can All Learn From Baby

      Over the last couple of days, there has been a great debate raging in The Berlack Method Group on Facebook.  The topic that has everyone in a tizzy is interracial dating.  As of this writing, there have been over two hundred posts to the thread.  Because of the nature […]

  • Real Talk with Real Men: FOR WOMEN ONLY

      I had the distinct honor and pleasure of sitting on the distinguished panel for “Real Talk with Real Men: FOR WOMEN ONLY” on Morgan State University’s campus.  The forum took place on Thursday, October 13th, and was sponsored by BET and the Alpha Gamma chapter of Delta Sigma Theta […]

  • Crazy & Deranged – Why Do We Ignore The Signs? Caffeine with F.J. Carter

      I had the pleasure yesterday afternoon (10.2.11) of being a guest on the BlogTalk Radio Show Caffeine with F. J. Carter.  The show was entitled: “Trigger Happy 2 – Crazy and Deranged – Why Do We Ignore The Signs?”  Along with fellow guests Kenda Bell and Marlena Ann Russell, […]

  • What Good Men Look Like

    I spent the past weekend participating in a men’s conference at New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore. As a member, I was proud to hear Bishop Walter Thomas, Sr., Pastor of New Psalmist, announce that there were over one thousand men registered and engaged in an event designed to bring […]

  • Ring the Alarm! Marriage in the 21st Century

    I just read a disturbing article in the March 2011 issue of Ebony Magazine entitled “State of Black Marriage.”  It begins with an anecdote about an African American woman named Cleo Lightfoot who discusses the lack of happy marriages she had seen, and the philosophy her relationships had been rooted […]