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  • G.R.O.W.

      Sometimes, life just goes haywire.  At the most unexpected moment.  And at the worst possible time.  You may be moving along just fine along your Planned Path in life.  You may even be going through life’s normal struggles.  You know, when things happen in your life that you’re not […]

  • God’s At Every Turn

      Walking in faith is difficult. For one thing, living a faithful life means sometimes making decisions that, from the perspective of others, seem very strange.  For instance, as Executive Director of a job training program, I would never advise a client to give up a job and steady income […]

  • The Devil & I Am (Lived)

      With special thanks to Dr. Diva Verdun. I am that I am. The Devil says that fear will rule me.  I Am says I will be guided by faith. The Devil: I will  never make it.  I was a fool to make the decisions that brought me here.  I […]

  • When You’re Face Down, Stay Faith Up

      We all get to a point sometimes where we have it all figured out. We work hard.  We sacrifice.  We struggle to provide for our families.  We plan and we pray.  Then we plan and we pray some more.  Then we pray a little more before we revise our […]

  • We’ve Never Been Touched

      Sometimes…we have THAT DREAM.  The one in which we’re being chased.  And we’re scared out of our minds.  Running from…the ghost, spirit, phantom, friend, enemy…that entity that we can see but can’t make out.  Hazy…misty…only visible out of the corners of our eyes.  It threatens us…harasses us…gnaws at us…strikes […]

  • Triumph of the Roses

      As I opened my front door this morning to take my girls to school, I was hit by a pleasant surprise.  The first roses of the year bloomed on the bush in front of my porch.  There weren’t many, just two.  But their presence promised more to come.  I […]

  • Double-Dutch with God

      I remember when I was a little boy in The Bronx, I used to run past this group of girls playing double-dutch on my way to play either football or softball with my boys.  I would always catch them out of the corner of my eye, doing something that […]

  • Let Go And….

      Every once in a while, I’m reminded that the plan of my life is not mine, and that whenever I put my ego ahead of my faith, I get a spiritual spanking from “Daddy.” I founded The Berlack Method, LLC, because I finally recognized that my ability to speak […]

  • Welcome

      I want to take a moment to welcome everyone to my new cyber-home: This website is a testament to the power of faith.  I’m here to give testimony that if any of you reading this believe that you have a purpose and submit your life to fulfilling that […]