Weeds In The Lawn


I spent this morning mowing the lawn.  I have a corner house with the little hill on the side.  You know the type?  I have to mow the front lawn, the hill on the side, the front and side sidewalk, and the back yard.  I STRONGLY DISLIKE mowing!  I don’t know about you, but the sun ALWAYS goes directly overhead whenever I mow the lawn.  It could be 9a.m., but the sun will still burn HOT and BRIGHT at its apex the moment I pull the lawnmower from the basement.  I guess the silver lining is that pushing a lawnmower up and down and along the hill always provides a great workout.  When I’m done, I look like I just ran ten marathons.  By the way, did I mention that I’m allergic to cut grass?  So I have to wear this surgical mask that makes me look like some sort of crazed, sudatory grass-hacker.  Just sad.

Beyond all that, the work is labor intensive and it’s…well…it’s boring.  But, in the end, all of that is not what bothers me.  It’s those darn weeds.  They’re EVERYWHERE!  They’ve skipped from the neighbor’s yard, to my yard, to the house across the street….  I’d swear sometimes the lawns are more weeds than grass.  I’ve used weed-killer (PLEASE – that’s another post)!  But there they still are….

Now, I must have been REALLY bored this morning, because, as I was cutting my weed-field, a thought occurred to me.  I’ve tried weed-killer that PROMISED to rid my lawn of the darned things, and I’ve cut these weeds six ways ’til Sunday.  EVERY week.  Yet here they are.  And I remembered, it doesn’t matter what anyone promises you, or how many times you “cut out” the weeds, you have to get at the root to get rid of them.  You have to get to the SOURCE.

Then I thought: how many “weeds” do we all have in the lawns of our lives? (Don’t get me started on how many types of weeds there are: attitudes, family, friends, co-workers, stereotypes, pre-dispositions, self-esteem issues, etc., etc.).  How many times have people promised us the solutions, cut the weeds for us and told us how to cut out the weeds?  How many times have we struggled up and down the hills of our lives, going sideways sometimes just to get some RELIEF…yet they’re still there?  Popping up exactly where you just cut the daggone grass?

Then the final questions hit me.  The root of the issue: why do I keep ATTRACTING these weeds to my lawn?  What is it I’m putting out there that these weeds are feeding on?  Is the seed that I’m putting out there really just fertilizer?  Instead of just blindly cutting ACROSS the grass, shouldn’t I be focused on how DEEPLY I should cut?  Instead of just cutting, should I PULL?  Or not just cut and pull, but use another weapon in this fight?  (For those who are so inclined, please insert God here).  And by the way, does it matter if I clean up my lawn if my neighbor’s is still full of weeds?  Won’t they STILL skip onto my grass, as is their nature?

Maybe it was just hot this morning and I was delirious.  But I’m telling you I had one of those moments of clarity.  An epiphany.  The work of cutting and clearing my grass will never be over.  And I can’t just cut across.  I must go deep.  I must address the root: MY behavior and MY actions that attract what comes to me, before I can even begin cutting, pulling or getting out the weed-killer.  Then, once my lawn is clear, it’s in my interest to look after my neighbor’s lawn too.  And s/he must look after his/hers…and so on, and so on.  Or we’ll simply continue to fight the same fight…day after day after day.

And remember: if you want to go a step further and beautify your lawn with pretty flowers, a garden, etc., you’re going to need PLENTY of fertilizer!  (That WILL be another post).

I’m willing to do what it takes.  Are you?

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