We All Come In Crying

All of us come into this world crying.  We’re pushed, pulled, traumatized and finally…spanked.  We all respond in the same way.  Without knowing how to verbalize the “This is some BS!” feeling we have…we simply cry.  And wait to see what happens next.  And the bad news is…the whole event isn’t even our choice.

The question is: how will you go out?  What are you going to do with this precious gift of life?  More bad news: while you’re in this world, you will be pushed, pulled, traumatized and yes…even spanked.  So what are you going to do about it?  What will you be remembered for?  What will be your legacy?  What will you leave for those still here? Now that you can verbalize the “this is some BS!” feeling we all have felt, is that how you’ll spend your life?  Or will you DO something to have positive impact on those around you?

What will people say at your funeral?  As you transition from this world to the next phase of life…will those you leave behind be crying?  As you did when you entered this world?  Or will they rejoice that they’ve had the honor of knowing you?

Here’s the good news: The answers to these questions are all your choice.  YOU decide through your thoughts and deeds how these questions are answered.

From now until that fateful day the ball is in your court.  What are you going to do?

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2 Responses to "We All Come In Crying"

  • Vernon Davis Jr. says:

    I believe my legacy lies in my mentoring of young black males. My mentees have gone on to college, graduate schools and promising careers. I have taught a few how to drive (Though not something I always enjoy doing!! LOL), been a big brother to some and even a Dad to others. My mentees have even become my fraternity Brothers! I’m convinced that as my mentees become mentors to their own mentees, my legacy will be carried on through them. I will leave my mentees my spirit of mentoring so that their mentees will become mentors themselves and so on and son. Generations of Black men mentoring young Black boys to become Black Men.

    At my funeral, I want both the crying of my passing and the conversations and surprises of my mentees when they realize just how many mentees I had while making each feel he was my only one.

    This is what I’m prepared to leave this earth with and will be remembered for:

    Vernon Davis Jr.:

    Faster than a fleeing biological Black father!

    More powerful than any negative influences or stereotypes that influences the lives of young Black males!

    Able to save young Black males with a single shoulder to cry on!

    Look! Up in the Black Community,
    It’s a Big Brother to talk to! It’s a Parent to depend on!
    It’s Super Mentor!!

    Dedicated to all that I have mentored, continue to mentor, and will mentor in the future!!!

  • steveberlack says:

    I love it!! Now THAT’S a legacy to be proud of!

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