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I just read an intriguing article on about Arizona State wrestler Anthony Robles.  He just won the Division I NCAA national championship in the 125lb. weight class.  In and of itself, there’s nothing remarkable about that.  Someone wins every year.  Until you consider that Mr. Robles, a senior, was born without a right leg.

See article and incredible video here.

Now if THAT’S not broadcasting your inner champion, I don’t know what is. This story is a reminder that no matter the obstacle, no matter the circumstance, there’s a champion inside each of us.  People will see that champion, or they will not, largely depending on whether or not we’re willing to BROADCAST it.  It was one thing for Mr. Robles to believe that he was a champion, it was another thing altogether for him to stand tried and true on the champion’s podium, crutches under his arms.

His missing leg meant that he not only wrestled on the mat, but he undoubtedly wrestled his whole life OFF the mat.  Facing doubt inside and out.  Wrestling with those who said there was “no way.”  If anyone asked him who’s been his greatest opponent, I don’t know that I would be surprised if he said that it was not defending champ Matt McDonough of Iowa, whom he defeated for the title, but himself.  For he must have conquered that inner doubt that we’re all too familiar with long ago.  His Inner Champion became the National Champion of the NCAA.

So…what doubt are you wrestling with?  Who are your “naysayers?”  Is it you?  Do you KNOW where your inner champion is?  If you don’t…then remember Anthony Robles.  And search again.  If you do, then you know what to do….

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