African-Americans: Why Do We Hate Ourselves?


I am proud to announce that on Monday, February 6, 2012, I served for the first time as co-host of the L.A. Says Show on BlogTalkRadio.  My co-hosts include the show’s creator, Tameka “L.A. Say” Anderson and Juana Wooldridge.  Our first topic for 2012 was a timely one given today’s socio-economic and political climate: “African-Americans – Why Do I Hate Myself?”

Listen to the archived show here.

The guest speaker for the show was Dr. Umar Johnson, whose article “Until Death Do Us Part: 8 Reasons For Marital Failure Amongst African Americans” contributed greatly to the conversation.  Dr. Johnson spoke eloquently about the myriad issues impacting  self-perception in the African American community.  He really caught my attention when he mentioned that a significant issue to deal with the the real ADHD, or “Absence of Daddies from the Home Disorder.”  That got the comments rolling!  The audience included both callers and chat room participants, all of whom added to the conversation and asked thought-provoking questions that drove the eye-opening discussion.

L.A. Says team member Poetic Flow then graced the end of the show with a signature poem to tie everything together.

Team members Damion Olivia and Denise Minor keep the show flowing, and future listeners will be treated to several show pieces, including segments entitled: Hoodwinked, Radio Theater, and Too Great To Hate, as well as continued poetry time to keep the mood moving!

It’s not too late, click the archived show and…

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