Teamwork Makes The Nightmare End


I’ve heard many people use the catchphrase “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work” to capture the power and effectiveness of unified effort.  My workshops on the subject speak to this.  I often find that the staff members who benefit most from this particular workshop are those who explore and examine who they are first as individuals (and the issues that accompany them) BEFORE they explore how they can become working members of effective teams.  Often, that self-examination is a painful but necessary step to the subjugation of one’s individual personality for the benefit of the unit.

Please see my post “Humility Before Teamwork Before Leadership” for more concerning this.

That brings me to an issue I seem to be hitting lately while interacting with different people, and to a rather disturbing article I read early this morning….

Politics is always a tricky issue to debate.  Like sex and religion, politics engenders fervent beliefs and opinions.  Because of this, it is often difficult to engage in discourse with someone of an opposite opinion without the conversation degrading into shouting matches and name-calling.  However, who reading this can think of a team s/he has ever been on that didn’t have members of varying opinions?  (And I mean ANY team: family, close friends, athletic teams, co-workers, church members, etc.).  Considering that it seems to be my season of debating politics lately, I will throw this out for consideration: as Americans, if we are not all a part of a huge team, then what are we?

As I can recall Richard Pryor saying in his standup: “This is AMERICA, Jack!”  Though we may not be a true melting pot, we are certainly a tossed salad.  We have different languages, world views, communities, family structures, livelihoods, and the list goes on and on.  To say that Americans differ on issues such as limits and roles of government, national healthcare, how to fix public education, the Middle East wars and the like would be such an understatement as to almost miss the point.  As part of the American team it’s our JOB to differ from one another, debate the issues at hand, LISTEN to one another, and…with some grace and a little thing called RESPECT…we can learn from one another and make decisions about policy that strengthens America as a whole.

As Americans, what side of the aisle one leans towards is inconsequential, as long as what I’ve stated above holds true.  Which brings me to the article I read this morning.  Mark Williams, Chairman and Founder of The Tea Party Express wrote an article called “Tea Party Must Take Over GOP” that was…well…disturbing.  I have no doubt that Mr. Williams loves America and wishes nothing but the best for our country.  As I’ve written earlier, whether or not I agree with his politics is inconsequential.  His political views make sense to me given his perspective and what I know of him.  What was disturbing was his flagrant disregard for the rule of respect and open communication.

See article here.

In the article, Williams calls out Independent voters as “cowards” who, by their inability to pick a side, are THE problem with America.  Not exactly a shining example of winning new friends and influencing people.  As if that weren’t enough, he paints the “evil” media, Democrats and the like thus:

Duplicitous collaborators with evil in the media, vapid talking heads, along with a collection of office holding hypocrites and on line reprobates have all descended on our way of life like a starving pack of hyenas on a fallen zebra.  They smell Lady Liberty’s blood and have pounced in an effort to finish us off, to extinguish free thought, speech and the lights of the Shinning City on the Hill to install in their place the false god of Statism in all of its hideous forms.

Huh?  Whose way of life is he talking about?  And did he really call fellow Americans hyenas?  What kind of debate tactic is that?  And scarier still, who’s listening to this diatribe?  Oh…he didn’t end there:

Each of us must vow to recognize that the letter “D” after a politician’s name is a metaphorical Mark of the Beast, inasmuch as that party is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the domestic enemy, and that to repair and make again effective the Republican Party we must each do our part to take control of that party, not step away from it.

Help me out here, people.  Seriously?  Democrats carry the mark of the beast?  It is exactly this kind of rhetoric that is DANGEROUS and drags the American dream kicking and screaming towards the American Nightmare.

As a child of God I stand fast in my commitment to spreading the message that we are ALL connected and responsible for one another.  As a human being, I recognize and respect the right that all of us have to differ in opinion.  As an American and veteran of the U.S. Army, I salute the same flag we all do.  As an entrepreneur, I do not allow politics to interfere with our common pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

As a teammate, I say to those who can’t get their mind wrapped around a President of the U.S. who looks different than they do:

Get.  Over.  It.

Stay on the team, people.  And pull that nightmare back to the Dream….

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