100th Post

I wanted to take a moment to commemorate the 100th post of Champions’ Blog.

I find that this is a moment to sit back and reflect on everything that’s led to the creation and development of this vehicle by which I’ve shared so many personal thoughts with you.

For one thing, I want to point out that much of what’s brought this about was profound pain and disappointment.  That may sound strange to you at first, but my experience has been that great things often come from terrible trials.  I would love to tell this heartwarming story about how I knew all along that I would write something called Champions’ Blog or a book called Broadcast Your Inner Champion about self-awareness, faith, attitude & success, youth development, spiritual connection & responsibility, cultural connection, relationship building, achieving with others, parenting and community impact.  I would love to tell you that I had all this figured out and knew exactly what to say to all of you all along.

But, if I hadn’t gone through anything, if I had not experienced trials and tribulations regarding each of those topics, what could I possibly say to any of you that would be informative?  How could I possibly understand anyone who shared with me his/her pain, and who needed advise on how to overcome it?  How could I  have the insight to create The Berlack Method to life skills?  I’m here…on my 100th post of Champions’ Blog, to tell you that I didn’t just read all this stuff in a book.

I’ve lived it.

And I continue to live it.  How many of you would be surprised to know that, 100 posts into this, I’ve been thrust right back into my oldest challenge: faith vs. fear?  Would you be surprised to learn that I moved forward with a plan to find work that would support me and my two daughters, only to experience the single worst relationship (with my direct supervisor, no less) on the job that I’ve ever experienced?  Would you understand my pain if I told you that the job didn’t last, and that my fear of financial ruin has run smack dab into my faith that God has my back and THE PLAN?  Would you understand if I told you that my faith compels me to focus on my purpose, and leave the “hows” and “whys” to Him?

Would you understand my overwhelming emotions as I sat in church the next Sunday as my pastor gave an impassioned sermon on (of all people in the Bible…) Job?  And do you understand when I tell you that I completely got the point of the sermon when my pastor highlighted that before Job could even speak to The Most High, God put him in check by asking a few questions of his own?  Questions like: “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the Earth?”

Job took a big step back.  And on this 100th post, so will I.

I’m taking a step back to remember that I can’t achieve anything alone.  First and foremost, God has seen me through every trial.  I’ve fallen, but I’ve never hit the ground….

Also, I sit back to remember that for every accomplishment I’ve obtained, God had people surrounding me to help.  Even the website I’m typing this blog on was provided by someone who answered when He told her: “build this for him.”  (Thank you again Dr. Diva Verdun for listening)!  I can’t make this stuff up….

That brings me to the point of this post.

With all the trials I’ve gone through, and with all the trials I continue to endure, I must say thank you.  Thank you God for always cupping me in Your loving hands.  Thank you to all who have helped me on this journey.  The list of people I have to thank really is too long to place here.  (Don’t worry, you’ll be in the book)!  But you already know who you are.

I say thank you because I never achieve alone.  I have God, and although they may look like ordinary people to you, I have His angels.  May this post inspire someone going through a great trial today.  And may s/he pass his/her gifts and blessings to others, so that they may broadcast their inner champions.


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4 Responses to "100th Post"

  • Very nice Steve. Very nice.

  • Diva says:

    sending you peace in this moment. continue to move forward and stay open at the top lil brother. You are filled with GREATness because the POWER of God is within you. LIVE IT!



  • ArLena says:

    Greetings Steve,
    It is December 2014. I am feeling blessed to witness the fruition of your desire to publish a book. It is a blessing to be a member of your team. I know that you have angels who look like people to others. I am convinced that you could be a masquerading angel, too. I loved your reference to Job. You asked several questions, also. My answer is yes to all of them. I believe and empathize with experience. I have lived your pain. You have holistically touch me. Cheers and Happy 2015! Broadcast Your Inner Champion … ~ArLena

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