• Dual Tracks

    Dual Tracks: Adult Training & Manhood Training (Male Youth) * Life Skills Training Titles: * Self – Awareness * Attitude & Success * Faith * Cultural Connection * Spiritual Connection & Responsibility * Achieving with Others (Teambuilding) * Relationship Building * Parenting * Youth Development * Community Impact * Workshops […]

  • Life Skills Training

      The Berlack Method’s Life Skills Training Series is about exploring, identifying and broadcasting one’s physical and spiritual inner champion.  It’s time to start the rest of your life.  Do you know where your inner champion is?   Attitude.  Respect.  Awareness.  Connection.  Discipline. Life.                Skills.   Bookmark on Delicious Digg […]

  • Staff Training

      Could your staff benefit from customized, cutting-edge training on topics such as: attitude and success, team-building, self awareness, cohesiveness and responsibility, leadership development and dealing with difficult people (even if it’s them)? Of course they can! All of us, in our professional and personal lives, get worn down by […]

  • Motivational Speaker

      A well-respected and sought-after public speaker, Steve effectively weaves together his wide-ranging backgrounds in the media, military, public education and non-profit arenas to drive home powerful messages in his workshops about attitude and personal connections to large audiences. Steve is available to deliver keynote speeches on all workshop topics, […]

  • Community Engagement

      Steve has served as both facilitator and panelist for for a number of conferences, symposiums and open forums. His audiences have ranged from intimate “fireside chat” groups of 30 plus, to national audiences. Speaking on a range of topics throughout the country, Steve has presented his expert opinion on […]