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"This was one of the best professional development sessions I have attended. Mr. Berlack is not just passionate about this issue, he is a proven practitioner and an honest facilitator."
- Anonymous Workshop Participant
“Steve Berlack is the rare speaker that is informative, entertaining, and able to stir his audience to action. It is no surprise that BET, Disney, and KingWorld have all used him in the past and now you can too!”
- J. Sparks, Director, Capital Markets

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You can catch Steve Berlack as a guest on a myriad number of radio shows in which he shares his expertise on topics ranging from self-awareness to spiritual and cultural connection and responsibility to community impact.  He has appeared on:



* The Philippe Matthews Show

* Common Sense Conversations

* You Talk Too Much

* MxStreetTeam

* The Juana Woolridge Show – The Relationship Hour




* Tonya and Friends












* Simply Bonita

* Real Talk



Steve Berlack – Host of BET Tonight




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You Must Remember This…

Perhaps the worthiest object of historical preservation is history itself.

Steve Berlack in Urbanite, Dec. 2005Greglen Ward, 17, believes that the newer, more creative approaches work. The affable junior entered Baltimore City’s W.E.B. DuBois Senior High expecting to be bored in ninth-grade American history. But teacher Steven Berlack “made it fun. I loved it!” Ward says. When studying trench warfare, Berlack transformed the classroom desks into trenches. He stressed themes. He adapted to students’ individual learning styles—visual or verbal.

by William J. Evitts, UrbaniteBaltimore.com

Program Strives to Create Workers with Skills and Attitude to Succeed

Join Together.org - Stever Berlack, Executive DirectorAdopting the confrontational style of a therapeutic community drug-treatment program, the job training and placement organization Strive (Support Training Resulting in Valuable Employment) has helped more than 14,000 people find steady work since 1985… What’s unique about Strive is its no-nonsense approach to preparing low-income and (largely) minority participants for the job market. Those who sign up for Strive’s unstipended, three-week, eight-hour-per-day workshop will learn public speaking, interview techniques and other typical job skills.

Boston Employment Service/STRIVE, Steve Berlack, Executive Director, 533 Washington St., Dorchester, MA 02124; (617) 825-1800; fax (617) 825-1896.

News Feature – JoinTogether.org


At Last, A Job Program That Works

City Journal.org on Steve BerlackNor is the staff Pollyannish about racism. The associate director and trainer at Strive’s West Harlem site, Steve Berlack, was plucked out of his South Bronx home at 14 to become a scholarship student at Andover, where he experienced precisely the sort of culture shock he trains his clients to negotiate. He warns them that they’ll find people in the mainstream world who believe African–Americans are not as capable as whites or other minorities. But the proper response, he tells them, is not to become hostile or make excuses…   As Berlack points out to his charges: “Life is 10 percent what happens to you—and 90 percent how you react.”

by Kay S. Hymowitz, City Journal

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