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  • Under My Hoodie

      Under my hoodie lies the mind of a man that has absorbed knowledge and self-awareness like a sponge…. I have read and listened in school about who I am.  I also learned about who my heroes are, and what my enemies look like.    I learned that a man […]

  • Look-A-Likes

      When we are young (“and dumb,” as my Drill Sergeant used to say), the biggest obstacle to our finding love is ourselves.  We fly recklessly from one encounter and from conquest to another.  At best, we have fun and explore; at worst we hurt each other irreparably as we […]

  • Dust of the Earth

      We are born with our souls intact.  Powerful.  Knowledgeable.  Self-aware. Yet we enter this Earth through strife, pain and trauma, bloodied and sometimes bruised.  And so the assault begins. No matter how loving our parents, how supportive our families, or how nurturing our communities, we cannot be protected from […]

  • Music of the Morning

      My head, buried in the pillow Has one ear turned upwards Towards the window…   It’s way too early… My eyes are tired and heavy, And are shut tightly against The early rays streaming Through the window; Crashing against my slumber That is guarded by the softness of my […]

  • The Love-Pain

      Our emanating lines, born from the very essence of our minds, our hearts, our souls; lied apart. And there was pain.  For it is the very nature of our lines to link. Our lines linked for reasons we think we understand.  (But of course we don’t).  Yet because you […]

  • Tissues From The Sky

      Weston Benjamin Berlack 1914-1997 I was ten years old.  Laying on my stomach.  My chin resting on my hands.  On a soft, comfortable bed.  A bed so large I could swim from one side to the other.  There was an old, familiar scent in my nose.  Something like apple […]