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  • The Ashford & Simpson Effect

      Like many R&B fans the world over, I was shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Nicholas Ashford recently.   After reading an article about it, I reminisced about the soulful and inspiring music written, sung and produced by Mr. Ashford and his beautiful wife Valerie Simpson.  I […]

  • Student Drivers

      While on my way to a meeting this morning, I happened to fall in line behind a very slow-moving car on a narrow street.  It took a moment, but I finally realized why the car was going so slowly.  On the rear bumper was a large sign we’ve all […]

  • We Must Resist

      David Starkey, a British national and an historian by trade, created a racial storm recently on BBC2.  Appearing on the show “Newsnight,” Starkey claimed that the recent riots in London and other social ills can be traced directly to the idea that White “chavs” (a British colloquialism for “aggressive, […]

  • What If God Dismissed Us The Same Way That We Dismiss Each Other?

      I just engaged in a fantastic discussion on one of my social networking sites.  The question was posed about dating outside one’s race.  This is a complex and highly emotional topic, to  be sure.  The intensity of the debate as to whether or not we should date someone who […]

  • Forgiveness + Humility = POWER

      As I began my spiritual journey as a Christian, one of the most powerful moments of my life came when I asked God to forgive me for my sins, and I gave my life to Christ.  It was such an overwhelming moment that I found myself prostrate and crying […]

  • Legacy

      “There but for the grace of God go I.” I’ve heard that phrase since I was a child.  I understood the words and their definitions when I was young, but it wasn’t until I became older and more “seasoned” that I understood what it meant…. I grew up in […]

  • The Jackie Robinson of American Politics

      On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson made his Major League debut, breaking the unwritten but all-too-visible color line.  Branch Rickey, General Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the visionary behind this move, had the foresight to see the tremendous untapped talent represented by African-American ballplayers.  Ignoring social norm, Rickey […]

  • When Benevolence Is Greater Than Greed

      As a motivational speaker, I am always telling my audience to “broadcast your inner champion.”  By that, I mean for them to explore and identify who they are.  I remind them that they must know their familial and cultural connections and how they make up who they are.  Having […]