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  • Janks Morton Does It Again

      I recently had the privilege of attending the Montgomery County, Maryland screening of the Janks Morton documentary: Guilty Until Proven Innocent.  The film proved to be a POWERFUL illuminator of the tremendous and untold strife, despair and torturous circumstances faced by fathers in the Family Court and Child Support […]

  • The Lion Speaks Of The Enemy Within

      On October 4, 1963, H.I.M. Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia gave a speech at the United Nations that has reverberated in the minds and actions of conscientious thinkers to this day.  King Selassie made an impassioned plea to a wold that perceived itself disconnected from the injustices taking place […]

  • BE (Become Entirely)….

      BE Inspired BE Courageous BE Blessed BE Positive BE Forgiving BE Humble BE Courteous BE Kind BE Healed BE Thoughtful BE A Blessing To Others BE AWARE BE Conscious BE Free BE Connected BE Considerate BE Forthright BE Respectful BE Daring BE True BE The Person That God Created […]

  • How To Make Change

      On one of my social network pages, a friend asked me how to effectively institute change as an individual or as part of organizations.  My first thought?  “What a complicated question!”  Many ideas raced through my mind, and I quickly realized that I would need a moment to organize […]

  • Heart Trumps Heart

      Every once in a while, we get to witness something greater than the spectacle itself.  There’s no telling when or if it will happen, so when it does, it is always special. The spectacle I witnessed recently was the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup.  Needless to say, I was […]