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  • Let Go And….

      Every once in a while, I’m reminded that the plan of my life is not mine, and that whenever I put my ego ahead of my faith, I get a spiritual spanking from “Daddy.” I founded The Berlack Method, LLC, because I finally recognized that my ability to speak […]

  • The Diaspora

      I just read a very interesting essay entitled: “Why it is Necessary that all Afro-Descendants of Latin America, the Caribbean and North America Know Each Other More.”  I found this essay on the Black in Latin America website. See the full essay here. The author, Tomás Fernández Robaina, is […]

  • Life Imitates Art – Presidents Obama & Shepherd

      A movie that I’ve seen and enjoyed several times on cable is “The American President,” starring Michael Douglas and Annette Bening.  In what seems to be pure Hollywood storytelling, President Andrew Shepherd (Douglas), is a widower and single dad whose wife died of cancer three years earlier.  He is […]

  • The Week of the “N” Word

      Last week was a great one for me intellectually, spiritually and business-wise.  I had two distinct opportunities to publicly discuss an issue that has had and continues to have a tremendous impact on America as a whole. On Wednesday April 13, I was a panelist on “The Simply Bonita […]

  • AdjustMENt of Attitude = AdjustMENt of Altitude

      It was my pleasure and honor to address the men of Morgan State University on Wednesday, April 6, 2011.  The topic: AdjustMENt of Attitude = AdjustMENt of Altitude.  Although most of us have heard variations of this theme before, the layout of the letters suggest the heart of the […]